Waterfalls and rivers: There are two waterfalls near to Surade village ,  that you can reach in about 1 hour from the surf camp by  motorbike or car .It is worth it to visit this big and  beautiful natural environment. You can even take a bath on it.

Later if you wish you can complete your trip taking a traditional fish boat along the river with amazing views and seeing the locals on the shore.

Fields Rice: In our surf camp live a local family that they used to leave on the fields rice in the forest,Mamat (the guide) will invite you to enjoy him to go from the camp to that area to be able to appreciate the way that the local family lives self-sufficiency in this beautiful place, the experience can surprise you  its very pleasant .

Green turtle: the native green turtle comes to spawn in our beach, can measure 1,66m long and 200kg weight,  seen  this animals in the night is a great and unforgettable  experience, the are under control for a organization that take care of them .At the evening the same organization can show you the first day of live on the just born turtles,  they let out  about 50 little turtles  at the shore and they walk to reach the sea to try to survive. Just incredible